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Jalo Phoenix fire extinguisher: a design piece bringing safety to your kitchen


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Design by Oiva Toikka and execution by Jalo Helsinki. Made by using handicraft and 3D technology. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, this beautiful item is also a decor piece and that way always reach of the hand. When the emergency comes, Phoenix is there for you!

Product information:

Oiva Toikka has designed Phoenix to transform fire extinguisher into a design piece. Beautiful product is displayed in the kitchen making it always reachable since every second is important in case of an emergency.
Traditional fire extinguisher is usually hid in the closet or storage making it more complicated to find when needed. Regardless of the small 700g size it can extinguish as much as 25 liters of burning fat. 

Phoenix is very easy to use: it works as any kind of spray- bottle. Detach the top and seal cork and then spray. Spray uses new mechanic pressure technology and solution is created especially for extinguishing fires caused by oil. Can be used to extinguishing burning electrical equipment up to 1000 V.

Extinguishant is biodegradable and it can be cleaned off with water and basic detergents. Can be disposed among with normal household waste. 

Phoenix is propellant free and maintenance-free. New pressure technology makes it safe and there is no danger of explosion even though product would be unused for a long time. Please note that Phoenix isn't reusable and we do recommend purchasing a new product after using even if it still contains extinguishant.


1. Detach the top

2. Detach sealed cork

3. Spray the solution to the fire from 1,5 meter distance

4. Spray from inclined position and aim to the base of the fire


1. If ingested rinse mouth well with water, drink two glasses of water. Do not try to vomit it out. Contact your doctor.

2. In the event of eye contact: rinse under running water several minutes with eyes open. Remove contact lenses if possible. Contact your doctor.

3. If the liquid is in contact with your skin: remore contaminated clothes and rinse and wash your skin with water and soap.

4. In the event of inhalation, get fresh air and if the person is unconscious place then in the recovery position and seek medical advice.

Technical information:

  • Extinguishing Power - 2A, 25F: Suitable for fires resulting from cooking oil/fats in frying and baking equipment (fire class F) and pans, extractor hoods and shafts solid materials (Class A fires) e.g: wood, plastics, textiles etc. It is not suitable for extinguishing burning fluids (fire rating B).
  • Weight - 700 g
  • Contents (net) - 300 ml
  • Fluid pressure (at 20°C) - Approximately 2 bar
  • Casting distance - Approximately 4 metres
  • Spraying duration - Approximately 35 seconds
  • Propellant - Elastomer force element. No propellant gas.
  • Extinguishant - Fluid biodegradable high performance fat extinguishing agent based on organic salts. Includes 1,2,3-Benzotriazole > 0.1 _ 0.25% w/w
  • Operating temperature - -20°C to +70°C. Always protect the product against exposure to direct sunlight and from other heat sources and protect it against extreme freezing temperatures.
  • Maintenance - Maintenance free
  • Other - Applicable for electrical systems up to 1000 V (minimum spray distance 1 m)
  • Dimensions - 28.1 x 7.7 x 11.7 cm


Turvallisuus voi olla myös kaunista. Jalo Helsinki valmistaa palohälyttimiä ja ensisammutustuotteita, joita ei tarvitse piilottaa pois silmistä. 

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