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Lunchbots DUO Lunchbox 700ml, Stainless lid

LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Food Containers have a handy divider for your favorite combinations.


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Ideal for sides and snacks, LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Food Containers have a handy divider for your favorite combinations: apple wedges and cheese, a half sandwich and carrot sticks, blueberries and almonds, mini pitas and deli-sliced turkey, and on and on. Whatever you pack, even picky eaters will find lunch more appetizing.

  • Modern shape and two compartments hold many lunch options.
  • Only food grade stainless steel comes into contact with your food. No linings. No toxins.
  • Made of the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, easy-to-clean, and virtually unbreakable.
  • Refill your LunchBots over and over, save money and add zero waste to landfills.
  • Duo food containers are best for dry foods as lids are not water tight.

LunchBots yrityksen perustaja Jacqueline Linder ei löytänyt markkinoilta laadukkaita kemikaali-vapaita muovittomia ruoan säilytysastioita, joten hän päätti valmistaa niitä itse. LunchBots-tuotteet valmistetaan korkealaatuisesta saumattomasta 18/8 elintarviketeräksestä. Ne eivät sisällä myrkyllisiä aineita, BPA:ta eivätkä Ftalaatteja.

What makes this a better choice?
This product, that's mostly/fully made of stainless steel is easy to recycle at the end of it's useful life, since most countries have efficient metal recycling systems in place.
Substances used
Made of long-lasting stainless steel, that is easy to recycle should you ever actually need to recycle it.
Responsible production
Manufactured responsibly and fairly in China in factories that are audited regularly. Assembled in Northern California.
Sustainable choice
A really long lasting product that replaces less durable plastic products that may also contain harmful substances.
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