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Madara DD multipurpose cream protects your skin in dry and extreme weather conditions.


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Madara Daily defence cream with rowan is created together with blogger Noora Shingler (kemikaalicocktail.fi). This multipurpose cream protects your skin in dry and extreme weather conditions. Helps to heal dry skin, wounds, chapped lips, softens cuticles, elbows and other dry skin areas. Perfect cream for every time of the year to protect your skin.

Using rowan berries as the active substance was Noora's idea: "It is important to me to utilize local ingredients also in cosmetics. Usually they suit to our skin the best."


The heart of MÁDARA products are flowers and herbs from the Baltic meadows and forests, from Latvia and Finland. Short summers leaves flowers with a much shorter time to attract bees for pollination. Plants are compelled to concentrate their blossoming vigour in this short blossoming time. As a result, at the time of harvest they are rich with the active ingredients required to survive in bitter climates. All the ingredients comes from sertified organic farming.  Madara only uses pure essences of northern herbs, artic berries and unique seeds oils, packed with powerful antioxidants, essential omegas and strong anti-aging activities. All the packaging are recyclable and made of BPA-free materials. ECOCERT sertified organic cosmetics. 

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