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Netherton Foundry spun steel frying pan, 30 cm pre-seasoned

English quality spun steel pan 30 cm. Light pan has the features of cast iron and carbon steel pan.


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Quality spun steel frying pan 30 cm is made traditionally in England. It has the features of a cast iron and a carbon steel pan but it is much lighter.

For a natural non-stick finish the pan is pre-seasoned with flax oil so you can use it right away! Re-seasoning is highly recommended in order to maintain and improve pan's cooking features f.ex. non-stick coating. Pan is durable 99,1% pure iron. Strong handle is riverted allowing easier handling. Pan is designed for frying and browning in high temperatures. Wooden handle covers are removable allowing you to use the pan in oven or grill. Suitable for all types of hobs, grills and ovens.

Hand made in England. Wooden handle is British oak. Family business focuses on making quality traditional cookware in Shropshire. Materials are sourced locally and from neighbouring counties. Products are packed in recycled materials. 

Weight 1.65kg, 12'' (30.5cm) rim diameter, 10" (25cm) base diameter, 2'' (4.5cm) pan height, 11" (28cm) handle.

Netherton Foundry manufactures traditional hand-made kitchenware in  Shropshire, England. 75% of all raw materials used in the products are sourced from  Shropshire and its neighbouring counties. Products are pre-seasoned at the factory and are therefore ready for use. The spun steel products are almost 50% lighter than traditional carbon steel, but have similar features and products are made for lifetime use.

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