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Rug Solid Cotton Rug 60 X 90 Cm, Light Grey 20105

Danish Rug Solid is high quality, handwoven from fashion industry's leftover cotton. Variety of colours!

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Danish Rug Solid is high quality, handwoven from fashion industry's leftover cotton. Variety of colours!

Rug Solid produces rugs from leftover material of fashion industry. Traditional way to produce rugs from new materials would be naturally faster and cheaper but there is no thinking of environment in normal production so Rug Solid made an effort. This way there's no need for sorting and utilising the leftovers, because there isn't any! Now every single rug is an individual piece. If you look closely, have a lot of patience and little bit of luck you might even identify a familiar pattern or detail from certain collections!

Materials: Leftover cotton of fashion industry. Example picture is directional since every single piece is unique. 

Because the rug is handwoven the size can differ between 3-5%. For sensitive flooring we do recommend using an underlay in order to avoid discoloring of the floor. If you are unsure, verify this from your floor manufacturer. Rug is also sensitive to sunlight and it's colour might fade in direct exposure of sun. 

Care: Can be cleaned by vacuuming, brushing and beating the rug. Also washable in 30 Celsius. Straighten the rug after washing in to shape, dry flat.

Made in India

Some call it trash, we call it perfect material for quality rugs!

A Danish rug brand Rug Solid strives to craft unique handmade rugs that are both faithful to their belief and the Danish design tradition by rethinking manufacturing: They source leftover materials from the global fashion industry, and combine great Indian craftsmanship with an uncompromising attention to detail in order to create simple high quality, aesthetic design.

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