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24 cm frying pan with a cast aluminum frame and a highly durable and heat-conducting XD diamond coating, also suitable for induction

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24 cm frying pan with a cast aluminum frame and a highly durable and heat-conducting XD diamond coating, is also suitable for the induction hob. Diameter 24 cm. The height of the edge from the inside is 5.5 cm.

  • Very thick cast aluminum frame
  • Flat bottom, good heat conductivity
  • Three layer patented diamond reinforced XD coating
  • oven-safe (max. 260 ° C)
  • cool handle
  • Suitable for all types of cookers
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Hand wash recommended
  • The aluminum used in the pan is almost 100% recycled

Swiss Diamond developed award-winning PFOA free diamond coatings two decades ago. Diamond is durable, excellent heat conductor and naturally non-stick. The new generation XD coating has been created as a result of several years of product development. Thanks to a better composition, the XD coating is more durable and has the optimum properties for demanding cooking.

When using the Swiss Diamond pan, you notice the coating's brilliant heat conductivity. No other material will produce heat as efficiently and quickly as diamond, which makes the surface of the pan evenly warm and fast. One of the best - if not the best - feature in Swiss Diamond coating is its ability to produce a beautiful brown surface for ingredients at very reasonable cooking temperatures. You don't need to heat the pan to the extreme temperatures in order to get the ideal results.

A thick bottom provides heat efficiently, so the pan remains hot even when frying a larger amount of ingredients

Swiss Diamond pans can withstand heat in an oven up to 260 ° C. Ergonomic handles stay cool when using on a stove. The handles are attached to  the pan body with a screw - this way the inside of the pan remains intact and hygienic. If necessary, tighten the loosened handle with a screwdriver.

Swiss Diamond Classic XD pans are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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