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Tregren T3 Kitchen Garden Black

Three times faster growth! No hassle! This is a reality with the new Tregren T3 kitchen garden. 


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Three times faster growth! No hassle! This is a reality with the new Tregren T3 kitchen garden. 

T3 is controlled through the innuitive Smart Gardener app. The Smart Gardener app Controls the Active Growing Technology developed by Tregren.

The intuitive Smart Gardner app, together with Active Growing Technology maintain the optimal combination of light water and nutrients, providing ideal growing conditions for the specific plants you grow. The software includes settings that adjust the light, the irrigation and the nutrients to suite the plants you grow in your kitchen garden.

Fast- you get 3x times faster growth compared to traditional methods thanks to Active Growing Technology and you can harvest your greens more often. You save Money by growing your greens yourself and you know where they come from.

Easy – like human beings, every plant has it’s own special needs. Some need more water or light than others and it’s not always easy to keep the plants alive. Smart Gardener app offers you plant specific programs for the different plants you grow. You Control your T-series kitchen garden through the Smart Gardener and you can even create your own plant programs if you so wish. You don’t need any prior experience to succeed.  Maintenance takes only minutes a month – Smart Gardener app tells when to add more water, change it and add nutrients. Sounds easy? It is!

Versatile – Grow anything, herbs, strawberries, chilies or even orchids. You choose what to you grow, the Smart Gardener will take care of the rest. The Smart Gardener app have over 50 plants specific growing programs to choose from. You can choose to continue growing plants you bought, start from seeds or cuttings. Your not limited to any specific seed pods nor a specific growing media. The choice is yours.

Capacity 3 plants

Tregren is a Finnish Clean Tech company, which specializes in developing and manufacturing urban gardening solutions. All products are based on the Active Growing Technology's growing method, which requires only 15 minutes of monthly maintenance. The company is constantly working to minimize energy consumption and to reduce carbon footprint in all products. For example, they have replaced plastic up to 50% with cellulose-based biocomposites containing wood fibers. With Tregren indoor garden you can significantly reduce the loss of salads and herbs and grow them in your kitchen

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