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Privacy policy

Here at Ecosto, we want to be transparent in the way we handle your data. Read the specifics below.

Why do we collect data

Well, for starters, we can't really deliver your order, if we don't know where and to whom to deliver it. So we need to collect your name, phone and address information to be able to process your orders. And when you do make a purchase, you enter into an agreement with us that serves as the basis for processing your data. For registered users we also save order history and the products you've viewed, so we can show more relevant products to you in our store.

We also collect aggregate data for statistical purposes. This is stuff like how many visitors we had on any given day, where did they come from and how long they stayed on our site. Also, in case you run into a bug on our site, we collect the data related to that incident to be able to fix problems as fast as possible. These are handled in part by external partners such as Sentry.io, Google Analytics and Hotjar.

We also collect data for marketing purposes. This includes stuff like the products you've viewed, added to cart or purchased. This allows us to inform you about products we think you might like, though we do not do this without your explicit consent!

Then there's also certain technical data, that's required for the website to function. This includes stuff like the Session-cookie and your ip-address.

Who has access to my data and how long is it stored

When you make an order, your data is processed and handled as follows:

  • Your order details are sent to the payment provider that collects the payment (Paypal, Nets, Paytrail)
  • Our team has access to your information to process and ship your order
  • Your order details that relate to shipping are sent to our shipping provider, so they can deliver your order (Posti, DHL)
  • Later, the order details are handled by our accounting

If you subscribe to our newsletter, details about the products you've viewed and ordered are transferred to our newsletter service provider (Klaviyo). We use the data to send you more relevant offers.

If you consent to the facebook marketing pixel, the marketing data is sent to Facebook so we can show you more relevant offers on Facebook.

Data retention or how long do we store various data:

  • Order details in our web store: 5 years
  • Email correspondence: 7 years
  • Order details in accounting: 7 years
  • Your account information in our web store: Until you delete your account.
  • Temporary data required for the website to function (logs, order information in session before making an order): 14 - 90 days

What rights do I have?

You have the right to:

  • Ask and receive all the data we have collected about you
  • Correct any data we have stored
  • Have us to stop processing your data (for example, deny email marketing)
  • Have us delete your data (as permitted by our legal obligations)
  • Remove your consent (for example, stop us from sending you the newsletter which you previously subscribed to)