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We strive to tell you as much information as possible about the environmental effects of the products that we sell, and to make it easier for you we have created the following symbols:

Health and wellbeing

This product enhances your health and wellbeing.


Noise level symbol is awarded to products that are among the quietest in their class.


No more trash. The product is 100% recyclable or it's made of recycled materials to receive this symbol

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency symbol is granted to products that have the best energy class in their category.

Substances used

If the product is made of natural materials or/and it's fully recyclable, we'll give it a symbol for Substances used

Responsible production

By whom and under which conditions your product was made - that's for us to know. When the manufacturing process is fully transparent, or audited by a third party, we'll give the product a symbol for Responsible production.

Sustainable choice

Sustainability symbol is given to products which are long-lasting, and stand against throw away-culture