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About us

Our goal is clear – not a single lousy product. We have been around in durable goods industry for over 50 years and seen the unpleasant progress in product quality, value chain and manufacturing conditions. And we don't like the outcome. In order to slow down the climate change and minimize the waste we need to think what to buy and how to use items in a proper way. We need to get rid of hazardous substances and make sure people involved in manufacturing and using the products are not affected by any.

That’s the reason we want to offer you nothing but the best – in every category and price-level. Unfortunately, in all categories we are not able to offer you product life-cycles, which last for decades. But even then, we can offer you products which are supposed to last double of what the average product in that category usually lasts. We can search the product’s impact on the environment and pick you the ones which are proven to be better choices. 

We want to tell you why a brand is approved by us to fit into our category. We also inform you about the sustainability and environmental impact of the product with our Ecosto symbols.

Take a look at what we offer and give us your feedback. If you happen to know any products that can stand a closer look, let us know and we will check them out. Eventually you might find them in our category.

Ecosto is an eco-conscious online store selling products for home, leisure and wellness. We are part of a Finnish retailer Hakaradio Oy, a family business specialising in high quality durable goods since 1963.